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Rebalancing health, one practice at a time

Practice Better is a leading all-in-one practice management software solution transforming how health & wellness professionals run their practices and help their clients live better lives.

After years of growth and capturing significant market share in their category, Practice Better found themselves competing heavily on features and benefits — offering up conventional checklists illustrating competitors’ shortfalls across a range of functions. Their brand story was about quality software — which was nice — but satisfying their ambitions and making the next leap in the market was proving challenging. So, they enlisted Pilot to collaborate on a new brand strategy.

Pursuing Insights

We began our discovery work by meeting face to face with key team members to understand their priorities and experiences. We followed the same process with a range of clients — large, small, new, and established. What we heard led us to a deep dive into the world of complementary, supplemental, and alternative medicines. Through these experiences, we unearthed both the value and values underpinning the Practice Better community.

Discovering Values

During our interviews, we were met with common points of view and perspectives — that we live in a world where, for too many, looking after your health has become synonymous with “ when I’m sick the doctor will fix it.” Our explorations revealed an established health system where patients have been taught to outsource health outcomes, over-relying on after the fact treatments or prescriptions. It’s a system where too many are taught that lived experiences aren’t legitimate without an appointment and a diagnosis. It’s also a system where time, research, and resources are invested into only one side of healthcare. We learned that specialized approaches that stray from the norm are ostracised, labeled as unnecessary, unfounded or simply dismissed as alternative. Independent practitioners who offer new pathways to health, improving access, outcomes, and experiences for clients, struggle between providing care and practice administration. And, finally, we learned that community members striving for a shared, proactive vision toward health are left feeling isolated and alone, making it up by themselves.

Communicating Value

The underlying truth? Practice Better serves its practitioner community in ways that deliver value far beyond conventional SaaS. They are as much a community as they are a company. Their customer groups serve as essential peer-to-peer vehicles for learning and support, and their commitment to business building and product education is substantial. It became clear that our new brand strategy would lean into rebalancing health — giving voice and support to the tens of thousands of independent health and wellness practitioners who are making a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients, daily. Our strategy would shift the brand from pure play technology to client validation — expressing Practice Better’s mission to empower health and wellness professionals to help millions of clients live better lives.

The Practice Better Identity

The concept of rebalancing health came to life visually via the BOSU (Both Sides Up) ball. BOSU is an exercise tool that promotes balance and core strength, something that Practice Better as an organization is providing to its clients each and every day. The simple lines and strong shapes provided the basis for a brighter, more confident new visual identity. This was expanded into a full set of brand assets and guidelines, as well as a comprehensive website rebuild.

The Results

Our work together delivered a new brand strategy and narrative framework, an entirely new visual identity system, and a new, content-rich online presence. On the heels of our work, Practice Better announced a $27 million growth investment, which was followed shortly thereafter by the acquisition of long-standing collaborators That Clean Life — adding nutrition-planning software for clinicians to its platform. And there is so much more to come. We are excited for their success and proud of the role we have played in it.

I don’t think we could have picked a better partner to help chart our brand strategy, redesign and new website (shipped today!). The thoughtful approach to each project was incredibly appreciated and we’re very proud of the output. Thank you for your partnership!

- Elizabeth Gladney, Head of Product Marketing, Practice Better

Our Work

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  • Brand story and messaging
  • Identity design system
  • Brand book
  • UX design
  • Website development

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