Case Study: Vector Institute Website UX Design

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3 min readNov 6, 2023

AI is increasingly becoming a part of every aspect of our lives. Who is working to ensure it means positive change?

The Vector Institute is a non-profit dedicated to driving AI research in Canada. The scope of what Vector does can’t be understated, from attracting the next generation of researchers, to advancing healthcare innovation, to collaborative projects across the Canadian enterprise landscape. It’s a big story to tell, with a diverse audience-all with varying levels of AI literacy. While Vector was doing so much, it wasn’t clear to many what was actually going on. Internally, design and technical debt was contributing to a fragmented experience that was challenging to maintain.

The solution was to distill everything into something that Canadians can connect with and Vector can confidently scale. To pinpoint what was important, we needed to develop a deep understanding of the people involved.

We worked closely with Vector’s team and iterated on their design language, voice, and online presence until it clicked into place as a unified whole. The result is accessible and real, and tells the story of why Vector’s work is important; on top of catering to everyone from sponsoring partners to students searching for a masters program. The new design system and streamlined CMS allows Vector to smoothly scale their content as the organization grows.

There were significant improvements across engagement metrics in 3 months after launch:

60% increase in pageviews
53% increase in return visitors
43% increase in session duration
25% increase in organic search traffic

With this refreshed online experience, Vector is well set to continue to scale their offerings and deliver on its promise of improving the lives of Canadians through advances in AI.

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